Tutorial B (Friday), Week 6

Here are some ideas of what you can be working on at home:

  1. Complete the grammar exercises in folder.
  2. Look over some magazines in your home. Consider the different options for magazine articles and features and what you might like to contribute!
  3. Practice parts for the radio show.
  4. Complete one field journal entry; collect specimens to press between two pieces of newspaper in a heavy book, or photograph 10 different flowers and identify them with a field guide.
  5. Encourage your son to write something for the blog and e-mail it to me.
  6. Update your son’s memorization chart. Work on memorizing the following (the flashcards at quizlet.com and the CD can help):
  • Name the 8 parts of speech
  • Psalm 100, Psalm 23
  • Celery, The Vulture, Singing Time, There Was an Old Person
  • Jabberwocky (whole poem)

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