Tutorial B (Friday), Week 2

Week 2

Here’s a list of “assignments” for the week, though it’s up to you to decide what and how much you’d like your son to do.

  1. Complete the grammar exercises in folder.
  2. On the back side of the grammar exercises, there is a chart about fairy tales. Read a favorite to your son (or have him read it independently) and have him fill out the chart. We will dissect a few fairy tales next week and send home some ideas for your boys to write their own.
  3. Practice parts for the radio show. They will need your help reading the other parts so they can be familiar with their cues and get your help on pronouncing difficult words and finding a consistent voice for their character.
  4. Complete one field journal entry.
  5. Encourage your son to write something for the blog (okay if he needs to dictate it to you) and e-mail it to me (explanation below).).
  6. Update your son’s memorization chart. Work on memorizing the following (the flashcards at quizlet.com can help with the grammar):
  • Name the 8 parts of speech
  • NOUN and PRONOUN definitions
  • Psalm 100
  • Celery
  • Jabberwocky (whole poem)
  • Definitions of exquisite (beautifully made), condescend (to patronize), sublime (lofty), and allude (indirectly refer to)

We will do a review game each week in which any of the grammar or vocabulary terms I’ve introduced will be fair game.

I will also be giving each family an audio CD which contains all of the grammar definitions as well as the Psalms, poems, and songs that we hope to practice and learn. Try having your son play the CD at least one time through each day as he’s in the car or playing quietly. I’ve been amazed at what kids can memorize with lots of repetition!


The blog is a venue for the boys to write about their passions and interests, without specific instructions for content or style. Discuss with your boy a “role” he would like to take on for the blog as well as goal for how frequently he’d like to post. Submit to me via e-mail anything he’d like to post, and I will either post it as is or give feedback to him via e-mail or at the next week’s class. See Riverside’s blog, By the Riverfor ideas of what I hope for this to be.

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