Tutorial A (Tuesday), Week 9

Here are some ideas of what you can be working on at home:

  1. Help your son make his portmanteau poster (posterboard and instructions were sent home with him) for the variety show.
  2. Find one sentence a day (on a sign, in something your son is reading) and have your son identify the part of speech for each word.
  3. Work on submissions for the class magazine.
  4. Prepare a poem you have memorized for recording during class and uploading to the blog.
  5. Read through the variety show script with your son. Memorize lines (and their cues)!
  6. Think through your son’s costume for the variety show. Please see the costume chart for what is needed.
  7. Update your son’s memorization chart. Work on memorizing the following (the flashcards at quizlet.com and the CD can help):
  • Name the 8 parts of speech
  • Psalm 100, Psalm 23
  • Celery, The Vulture, Singing Time, There Was an Old Person
  • Jabberwocky (whole poem)
  • Pegasus
  • The Ballad of Pecos Bill

A friend introduced me to this site–XtraMath–which has been invaluable in helping my kids quickly master the basic math facts. If your son is struggling to get these down, I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s about 10 minutes a day and totally mom-free!

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