Tutorial A (Tuesday), Week 3

Here are some ideas to work on at home.

1. Complete the grammar exercises in folder.

2. Use the fairy tale chart (on the back of the grammar exercises) to write a fairy tale of your own. We read several examples of a traditional fairy tale that had been adapted with a different setting, alternate main character, or a varied presentation. There is a “Writing Ideas” worksheet to get you started. We will set aside time for the boys to share these in the next few weeks, and they are always welcome to submit them to the blog. Illustrations would be great!

3. Complete one field journal entry/sketch (perhaps only require one or two of the observation questions).

4. Encourage your son to write something for the blog (okay if he needs to dictate it to you) and e-mail it to me (explanation below).

5. Work on memorizing. We would love to start collecting audio recordings on the blog. So once memorization is complete, work on presentation with your son and we can record when he is ready.

  • Psalm 100
  • Jabberwocky
  • Ooey GooeyCelery, The Vulture (try singing this to the tune of “O, Susanna”–we just need another verse of the poem for the chorus!)
  • Definitions of noun, pronoun, adjective, and verb
  • Names of 8 Parts of Speech

We will hopefully finish recording our first radio show next week. The boys did a great job being as quiet and still as mice while others were recording!

I have space for each of the boys to plan and plant a small 2’X4′ spring garden during their WEP hour (if they want to). I have seeds and small plants, and we have abundant twigs and rocks for borders and artistic additions. Hopefully there will be something tasty to harvest by the end of our class!

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