Tutorial A (Tuesday), Week 2

Here are some ideas to work on at home.

1. Choose a nom de plume for publishing on the blog.

2. Complete the grammar exercises in folder.

3. Complete one field journal entry/sketch (perhaps only require one or two of the observation questions).

4. Encourage your son to write something for the blog (okay if he needs to dictate it to you) and e-mail it to me (explanation below).

5. Work on memorizing. We would love to start collecting audio recordings on the blog. So once memorization is complete, work on presentation with your son and we can record when he is ready.

  • Psalm 100 (set to music here)
  • Jabberwocky
  • Ooey GooeyCelery
  • Definitions of noun, pronoun, and adjective
  • Names of 8 Parts of Speech

6. Check out illustrated collections of fables and fairy tales (if you don’t already own some) to have on hand for next week’s writing assignment.

There was no formal writing assignment for this week, but we would love to add to the collection of work on the blog!


The blog is a venue for the boys to write about their passions and interests, without specific instructions for content or style. Discuss with your boy a “role” he would like to take on for the blog. Examples would be:

  • information reporter (writing a simple expository paragraphs about a topic he is excited about–i.e. medieval battles, survival skills, Greek mythology, machines, armed forces, etc.),
  • book reviewer (he can submit a short book report on each book he reads),
  • sports reporter (can report on a national or local game),
  • personal profiler (articles can be based on interviews conducted in real life or with a historical figure or mythological hero encountered in a book),
  • science, nature or technology reporter (animal profiles, computer/programming explanations, etc.),
  • lifestyle reporter (could include a local restaurant review, a recipe with instructions, or a travel/destination recommendation),
  • poet

Discuss with your son a goal for how frequently he’d like to post on the blog. Submit to me via e-mail anything he’d like to post, and I will either post it as is or give feedback to him via e-mail or at the next week’s class. See Riverside’s blog, By the Riverfor ideas of what I hope for this to be.

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