Ring-Tailed Lemur

az_ringtailed_lemurAfter my adventures in southeast Asia, I sailed west to Madagascar to see what different animals I could find there. It turns out that three-fourths of the animals and plants there are found nowhere else in the world! With all the unique species, I’m a little worried that they might go extinct because of people that are clearing trees for farming. I noticed near a farmhouse that there was good, rich red ground for farming. But I wasn’t there for the crops. I was there to go hang gliding and see all the other animals if I could. I took off near the seashore and flew over some wooded areas. I saw ring-tailed lemurs jumping around in the trees! I noticed that they used their tails for balance so they could jump from branch to branch. Maybe after this I should invent a tree pogo stick so I could join the lemurs in their jumping. Assuming I land safely, I’ll be heading across the Mozambique Channel to see some large cats in Africa.


Sledding in Public Parks

sledding_holmdell don’t think that sledding should be banned in public parks. My reasons for saying this are:

  1. Parks are public so they are made for everybody to use. So if the city is worried, they should put up a sign listing the rules similar to that of a playground. They could also employ someone to watch that the rules are being kept, like a lifeguard at the beach.
  2. Sledding gives children an opportunity to get away from the television or computer and allows them to be active.
  3. Sledding helps to provide bonds in families and it gives families fun active activities. It is affordable.

Posted by: JAMES HALL

Inedible Recipes


A recipe to keep a brother bugged


Yield: 1 bugged brother



3 suction cup darts, leveled at forehead

1 room mess up, mainly stuff with small parts

30 shots with toy gun, good to hit hind parts

25 or more loud noises when he’s trying to go to sleep

2 drawing mess-ups



Mix it up as much as you want, any day that you want.




A Carol

Here’s a beautiful carol to calm and center your holiday celebrations. We have some exciting things going on at Creekside! If you want to get updates for next semester’s classes and adventures, be sure to send me your e-mail address: bountifulcreeksidelearning@gmail.com