Inedible Recipes


A recipe to keep a brother bugged


Yield: 1 bugged brother



3 suction cup darts, leveled at forehead

1 room mess up, mainly stuff with small parts

30 shots with toy gun, good to hit hind parts

25 or more loud noises when he’s trying to go to sleep

2 drawing mess-ups



Mix it up as much as you want, any day that you want.




A Carol

Here’s a beautiful carol to calm and center your holiday celebrations. We have some exciting things going on at Creekside! If you want to get updates for next semester’s classes and adventures, be sure to send me your e-mail address:

Fall Festival

We enjoyed a gorgeous autumn day for our fall festival. Crafts, stories, poetry, live music, engineering challenges, the festival store, an obstacle course, and delicious treats made for a wonderful afternoon.

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Math at Farmington Cemetery

IMG_3172 IMG_3173

Creekside students and siblings enjoyed a beautiful fall day at the cemetery. They completed a mathematical scavenger hunt, finding unique dates, shapes, and images. The Farmington Cemetery is full of fascinating grave markers! The oldest birthdate found was 1791.