Mandarin Chinese Day Camp

When: July 13-17, 2015, 9:00 AM-12:30 PM*
Where: Creekside Learning, Bountiful
Who:  Girls & Boys, ages 7-12
Cost: $135 (sign up with a friend/sibling and pay just $100 each)

        This camp will introduce Chinese learners to an incredibly fun and effective method for learning and remembering Chinese characters. Many Chinese learners feel daunted by the task of learning the thousands of characters it takes to read Chinese, especially when their teacher tells them the way to do it is by writing each character over and over again.
        In one week, students at this camp will learn the basics of the Heisig method (adapted for children) and learn hundreds of characters through skits, stories, drawings, games, wacky costumes, sound effects, sword fights, and more!  This method and the characters they learn at camp will become a foundation they can build on for the rest of their Mandarin studies.
        No previous Chinese learning experience is necessary to join the camp, but for children who have learned some Mandarin before, we promise lots of light bulbs will go on as the week progresses, reinforcing and connecting all they’ve learned previously about Chinese characters.

About the camp director: Lisa Crawford has an MA in education and has taught Mandarin at the elementary, high school and university levels. She currently resides with her family in Shanghai, China.

E-mail for language questions.
E-mail for enrollment information.
*If there is sufficient interest, an afternoon session will also be held.

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