Automotive Workshop

The automotive workshop was great! Thanks to O’Reilly Auto Parts for letting us use their parking lot. The kids learned all of the basic parts of an engine, learned to check and change oil and air filters, practiced using jacks and rotated four tires. They worked hard, learned a lot, and were serious grease monkeys afterwards! We meet next week, 7/19, for another hike focusing on edible and medicinal plants.

Bountiful Hike


IMG_3937We had a great hike last week up the mountains behind Bountiful. We tracked deer, sheep/elk?, dogs, and humans, practiced building fires, collected and ate some things from our surroundings, learned how to effectively arrange a campsite, signal for help, repel mosquitoes, find water and more.

Creekside Summer

We had a great day at the beautiful Waterfall Canyon trail in Ogden on Tuesday. We were able to learn some first aid–some simulated, some real–and all slept well that night! Next workshop is on June 21 in Bountiful where we’ll be learning various crafts–woodcarving, sculpting, painting, etc.

A Carol

Here’s a beautiful carol to calm and center your holiday celebrations. We have some exciting things going on at Creekside! If you want to get updates for next semester’s classes and adventures, be sure to send me your e-mail address:

Fall Festival

We enjoyed a gorgeous autumn day for our fall festival. Crafts, stories, poetry, live music, engineering challenges, the festival store, an obstacle course, and delicious treats made for a wonderful afternoon.

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Math at Farmington Cemetery

IMG_3172 IMG_3173

Creekside students and siblings enjoyed a beautiful fall day at the cemetery. They completed a mathematical scavenger hunt, finding unique dates, shapes, and images. The Farmington Cemetery is full of fascinating grave markers! The oldest birthdate found was 1791.


Congratulations to all of our contest entrants on observing and capturing the beauty and life at Creekside!

Prize for Best Overall goes to Emmalee!


Honorable mentions go to Spencer, Nate, and Meghan.

Category: Alive!


Category: Shapes in Nature


Category: Seeing the Unseen



Check out the gallery in the previous post to see all of the amazing images. Thanks for your participation, everyone!