Ring-Tailed Lemur

az_ringtailed_lemurAfter my adventures in southeast Asia, I sailed west to Madagascar to see what different animals I could find there. It turns out that three-fourths of the animals and plants there are found nowhere else in the world! With all the unique species, I’m a little worried that they might go extinct because of people that are clearing trees for farming. I noticed near a farmhouse that there was good, rich red ground for farming. But I wasn’t there for the crops. I was there to go hang gliding and see all the other animals if I could. I took off near the seashore and flew over some wooded areas. I saw ring-tailed lemurs jumping around in the trees! I noticed that they used their tails for balance so they could jump from branch to branch. Maybe after this I should invent a tree pogo stick so I could join the lemurs in their jumping. Assuming I land safely, I’ll be heading across the Mozambique Channel to see some large cats in Africa.


Sledding in Public Parks

sledding_holmdell don’t think that sledding should be banned in public parks. My reasons for saying this are:

  1. Parks are public so they are made for everybody to use. So if the city is worried, they should put up a sign listing the rules similar to that of a playground. They could also employ someone to watch that the rules are being kept, like a lifeguard at the beach.
  2. Sledding gives children an opportunity to get away from the television or computer and allows them to be active.
  3. Sledding helps to provide bonds in families and it gives families fun active activities. It is affordable.

Posted by: JAMES HALL

Inedible Recipes


A recipe to keep a brother bugged


Yield: 1 bugged brother



3 suction cup darts, leveled at forehead

1 room mess up, mainly stuff with small parts

30 shots with toy gun, good to hit hind parts

25 or more loud noises when he’s trying to go to sleep

2 drawing mess-ups



Mix it up as much as you want, any day that you want.





To go clamming you will need several  pieces of equipment: a shovel, a boat, a 4’ piece of 1-foot diameter PVC, and clothes you are willing to get really dirty in. We went clamming in Tomales Bay, CA. (see below)


The first step is to drive your boat out to the “clam bed” (see below).


Then  walk carefully around the clam bed until you see a squirt of water about 6” tall very near you. This means you stepped too close to a clam and it is trying to escape by burrowing deeper. Next, mark the spot with a big X, and start digging! The hole’s diameter should be about 1’.

Dig down about 1’, then place the PVC in the hole (to prevent the sides from caving in). Keep digging inside the PVC until you find your horseshoe clam! (see below)


When you have enough clams, head home, and let them soak in fresh water for 5 hours. Now it’s time to clean them!


First cut open the shell and cut everything out of the shell. Then cut off the stomach and intestines. Next cut off the top part of the neck. Then get a good grip on the skin of the neck, and pull. The skin should come off easily. The next step is to make slits down the sides of the neck. At the bottom of the neck there are two little bean shaped things—cut them out! Wash all the meat thoroughly, and slice or chop to make clam chowder. YUM!


The Gods

OlympiansFor a while, the ancient gods of mythology were what people thought were the most powerful beings anywhere.  Hey, it’s the Time Traveler and I’m going to Rome, Egypt and Greece to review the gods of the ancient world. Every god has a purpose. There are twelve major Greek and Roman gods. There are five major Egyptian gods.  People thought gods would mess with humans who were really smart or really powerful. Greek and Roman gods had the same purposes but different names. Hades (Greek name)/Pluto (Roman name) is the god of the underworld and riches. Zeus/Jupiter is the god of the sky and king of the gods. Poseidon/Neptune (my favorite) is the god of the sea and earthquakes. Hera/Juno is the goddess of families and queen of the gods. Aphrodite/Venus is the goddess of love. Artemis/Diana is the goddess of hunting and animals and is the twin to Apollo. Apollo/Apollo is the god of medicines and music. Ares/Mars is the god of war. Athena/Minerva is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Hestia/Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and eldest of the gods and goddesses. Hephaestus/Vulcan is the god of fire and metalworking. The big five Egyptian gods are Thoth, god of knowledge, Osiris, god of the dead, Isis, goddess of childbirth and family, Nephythys, goddess of water and wife of Set, and Set, god of evil and chaos. There are many other minor gods and goddesses as well. The gods played an important part in ancient civilizations. Every god and goddess had a purpose in the world and are all very interesting. We still refer to these gods in many ways in our modern civilization.



Ferrari 458 ItaliaHi guys! It’s the Machine Maestro here with the story of Enzo Ferrari and his car company. I’m going to give you some facts, but also I want to say that I think Ferrari is a little overrated. Have you ever heard of the companies Maserati, Porche, Pagani, and Lotus? These are some of the less well known car companies. What do you think of when you hear super car or sports car? Well, most people think Ferrari. So that’s why I think Ferrari is a little overrated.  Some of those companies are just as good as Ferrari. So wasn’t I hear to tell you about Ferrari instead of just giving my opinion about their reputation?

So here we go, Enzo Ferrari grew up in Italy. His dad was a mechanic, so naturally he was around machinery a lot. One day, his dad decided to bring him and his brother to a small race. Instantly Enzo loved it. As he grew up, he watched more and more races and found out many techniques for the track. As soon as he was old enough he found a job for Alfo Romao as a racer. For ten years straight he raced for them and he was extremely good at it. In fact, he was so good at it that he decided to make his own company for manufacturing and racing.

Ferrari, as you know, is a huge company. It sells cars that are top notch. They have so many models that I can’t name them all. Some of my favorites are the 458 Italia, the Enzo, and the California. Ferrari has risen above the competition and has dominated the car world. All I can say is that Ferrari should keep going.

I hope you have enjoyed this report on one of the world’s biggest sports car companies. See you soon!


Reading a Book Can Be A Big Deal

arts-graphics-2008_1128618aEasily, it may not seem like a big deal to read a story to a ten year old boy. However to read a book to a boy who’s a decade old that can’t breathe, eat, swallow, talk, or move on his own influenced me to be thankful for my heathy body. Because of this I think, “I am really blessed!” Amid all the activities I could be doing, I was grateful for the chance to help him, because he’s the one really teaching me.

A few years ago when my family lived in California, a family in our neighborhood had a ten year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Once when he and his family traveled to Utah he ended up in the hospital because of the altitude difference and complications with traveling. After three years his family needed to go back to Utah, but worried that the travel would be hard on his health. Because his family needed to go, this time they left him at the George Mark Center in San Leandro, CA, a place with specialized care. Morosely he spent most of his time sitting in his wheel chair inside his room or the nurses would roll him to a room with lava lamps. But he was still lonely.

We came over and visited him three days after his family left for Utah. Happily we read him stories, took him outside to feel the sunshine on his face, and drew pictures for his walls. In a few short hours we left him at meal time with a big smile on his face. Some say that it is “more blessed to give than to receive.” In this instance I realized how blessed I am to have a healthy body, because the freedom and ability to move are gifts, and the capacity to communicate with others. I think that is true. Here this experience taught me that taking time to care for anyone is valuable, which includes ten year old boys.

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The Atom Bomb

45cdf0952d203d05d29dd63a3f555413100,000 scientists worked on this deadly nuclear weapon–the atom bomb.  On the 6th of August 1945 at 8:15 A.M., a U.S. B-29 Superfortress dropped the first atom bomb, nicknamed “Little Boy” on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, killing 80,000 people! Three days later another bomb nicknamed “Fat Man” was dropped on Nagasaki, killing another 40,000 people! During the next few months over 100,000 people died of radiation poisoning! This lethal weapon hasn’t been used since, and let’s hope it is never used again.



The Great Wall of China

GREAT_WALLHey, it’s the Time Traveler. I just went back in time to ancient China to see the Great Wall. The wall was built in sections over hundreds of years. I’m going to tell you how long the wall is, who built the wall, and how it was made.

We don’t exactly know how long the wall is because some of it has been buried under sand and water. We know there is at least 13,170 miles of it. It is five to ten meters wide.  It isn’t just one wall, though. It is a series of different walls.

Who built it? We don’t really know for sure. Some people say it was the emperor. Others say it was regular people or possibly slaves. I think it was slaves.

How they made the great wall is weird. There is a legend that says the bones of the dead were mixed with concrete to make mortar. But that’s not true. I think it is weirder than that. The thing they used was sticky rice and concrete for only parts of the wall. The other parts were wood and stone.

The Great Wall of China is the only man-made thing that can be seen from space. It is truly remarkable.