Ring-Tailed Lemur

az_ringtailed_lemurAfter my adventures in southeast Asia, I sailed west to Madagascar to see what different animals I could find there. It turns out that three-fourths of the animals and plants there are found nowhere else in the world! With all the unique species, I’m a little worried that they might go extinct because of people that are clearing trees for farming. I noticed near a farmhouse that there was good, rich red ground for farming. But I wasn’t there for the crops. I was there to go hang gliding and see all the other animals if I could. I took off near the seashore and flew over some wooded areas. I saw ring-tailed lemurs jumping around in the trees! I noticed that they used their tails for balance so they could jump from branch to branch. Maybe after this I should invent a tree pogo stick so I could join the lemurs in their jumping. Assuming I land safely, I’ll be heading across the Mozambique Channel to see some large cats in Africa.


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