To go clamming you will need several  pieces of equipment: a shovel, a boat, a 4’ piece of 1-foot diameter PVC, and clothes you are willing to get really dirty in. We went clamming in Tomales Bay, CA. (see below)


The first step is to drive your boat out to the “clam bed” (see below).


Then  walk carefully around the clam bed until you see a squirt of water about 6” tall very near you. This means you stepped too close to a clam and it is trying to escape by burrowing deeper. Next, mark the spot with a big X, and start digging! The hole’s diameter should be about 1’.

Dig down about 1’, then place the PVC in the hole (to prevent the sides from caving in). Keep digging inside the PVC until you find your horseshoe clam! (see below)


When you have enough clams, head home, and let them soak in fresh water for 5 hours. Now it’s time to clean them!


First cut open the shell and cut everything out of the shell. Then cut off the stomach and intestines. Next cut off the top part of the neck. Then get a good grip on the skin of the neck, and pull. The skin should come off easily. The next step is to make slits down the sides of the neck. At the bottom of the neck there are two little bean shaped things—cut them out! Wash all the meat thoroughly, and slice or chop to make clam chowder. YUM!


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