Reading a Book Can Be A Big Deal

arts-graphics-2008_1128618aEasily, it may not seem like a big deal to read a story to a ten year old boy. However to read a book to a boy who’s a decade old that can’t breathe, eat, swallow, talk, or move on his own influenced me to be thankful for my heathy body. Because of this I think, “I am really blessed!” Amid all the activities I could be doing, I was grateful for the chance to help him, because he’s the one really teaching me.

A few years ago when my family lived in California, a family in our neighborhood had a ten year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Once when he and his family traveled to Utah he ended up in the hospital because of the altitude difference and complications with traveling. After three years his family needed to go back to Utah, but worried that the travel would be hard on his health. Because his family needed to go, this time they left him at the George Mark Center in San Leandro, CA, a place with specialized care. Morosely he spent most of his time sitting in his wheel chair inside his room or the nurses would roll him to a room with lava lamps. But he was still lonely.

We came over and visited him three days after his family left for Utah. Happily we read him stories, took him outside to feel the sunshine on his face, and drew pictures for his walls. In a few short hours we left him at meal time with a big smile on his face. Some say that it is “more blessed to give than to receive.” In this instance I realized how blessed I am to have a healthy body, because the freedom and ability to move are gifts, and the capacity to communicate with others. I think that is true. Here this experience taught me that taking time to care for anyone is valuable, which includes ten year old boys.

Posted by: ADAM JONES

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