The History of Lamborghini

2015-lamborghini-huracan-front-three-quartersHi guys! It’s the Machine Maestro here with the history of Lamborghini.

Lamborghini started out as a tractor company, founded by Furrocio Lamborghini, and grew really fast. As soon as other people started realizing that there was a good market for tractors, the competition increased. Furrocio decided to start making super cars. His friends laughed at him and said, “Wow! Tractors to super cars – not possible!” Well, look at him now.

In late 1962 and early 1963, Ferruccio hired some of the best engineers and designers he knew and started making cars. His first model was the GTV 350. The car had a v12! It was a huge engine. When the car came to the auto show, it was a fantastic piece of machinery. The next car built was the GT 400. It sold about 273 cars.

Soon a concept car came about that they featured in another auto show – the Muria. This car was not expected to sell much but soon caught the attention of Nuccion Berone, an engineer and chassis designer. He began working for Lamborghini.

Lamborghini came out with more and more cars and became bigger and bigger, but I don’t think I have the time to talk about all of them. A few of the more well-known cars are the Islero, Jalapa, Jarma, and the Countach.

Later, they came out with the Diablo and the im002. The im002 was a truck designed for military purposes. Only kings and actors bought it. At this time, the Diablo was the car they were focusing on. They kind of left the im002 in the dust. The Diablo was their Bugatti of the year. They made three known versions and sold lots of Diablos.

Soon after, they brought out the Murcielago. This piece of Lamborghini history brought us a fast car that was quite a luxury king. But even Lamborghini was not satisfied.

Soon they had yet more cars – the GALLORDO, AVENTADOR, REVENTON and more concept cars. The most recent car was the HURICAN. This car is a mix between the Gallardo and the Aventador in my opinion. The car is extremely fast and ferocious. But the only downfall is the safety features. The car on a track with the so-called “all features off button” does not turn off the safety features. So on a track, the car either really under-steers or really over-steers. But I am happy they have come out with the HURICAN.

My opinion is that Lamborghini has been a great car company and will be one of my favorite car companies forever.

So I guess that’s it for now.  See you guys soon!

Posted by: Machine Maestro

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