Boa Constrictor

Boa ConstrictorThis is Officer Fauna in southeast Asia. Yesterday I went on a nature hike to see some epic reptiles and snakes. As I was hiking, I was barely able to see a boa constrictor that was hiding up in the branches of the forest canopy. Its scales disguised it as just another branch. I estimated its length at 15 feet. It looked like it was waiting for some prey–perhaps a rat or other small animal. I was surprised by its ability to bend 180 degrees and look behind itself. After a little while, it decided to seek its meal elsewhere. It easily slipped through the branches as it left. After a little more walking, I saw a different constrictor that had just caught something and was squeezing it to death. It was a gruesome sight, but each creature has its own way of eating. So I decided to stay and watch how it swallowed its meal whole. I think next week I should find some herbivores to observe…


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