Tasmanian Devils

100916-tasmaniandevilIt was a long flight from Canada to Australia. But I can probably see some cool animals. My plane landed in Hobart, on the island of Tasmania. I chose this spot so I could get to one of the national parks sooner, and I started my explorations in Tasman National Park. As I was walking on a trail, I saw a black ball of fur asleep under some bushes. I wondered if this could be the creature I had been researching in Canada, the famous Tasmanian Devil. From a closer distance, I could see some white fur in the middle of the black. Yes! It is the Tasmanian Devil! Only found in this part of the world, this carnivorous marsupial has a gigantic appetite. As it eats bugs, birds, small mammals, and other animals, it never leaves one shred of its food behind, including bones, fiber, fur and fluff. I had read that they only hunt at night, so I didn’t expect to see anything eaten right now. Perhaps if I come back tonight, I’ll hear their devilish screeches as they hunt for their next feast. See you next time in Southeast Asia with some reptilian research.


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