Chevrolet Camaro Black Concept.  X08SV_CH005Hi! It’s the Machine Maestro here with another amazing vehicle – “The Camaro”. This piece of automotive history began production in 1966-1967. Produced from Chevrolet under GM motors, the vehicle has undergone five stunning stages. The car first entered the market in 1966 to compete against the Mustang! It entered the second stage in 1970. The chassis was basically the same, but the body underwent cosmetic changes. In 1982 Chevy brought out a muscle car for drag racing and street cruising. Then, yet again in 1993, they gave us the  fourth generation Camaro to enjoy and love.

Sadly, in 2002 the Camaro was discontinued. In 2009, however, Camaro fans begged, and Chevrolet came out with my personal favorite – the Camero SS fifth generation. These cars usually top in at about 323 to 580 horsepower. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about this fantastic car – “The Camaro”. See you soon! 😀


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