Never Give Up Hope

0440402832The Door In The Walis a story by Marguerite De Angeli published by Double Day Dell Books. This is a story of Robin’s fate. He gets sick after his parents leave home to take care of errands. The story is set during and after the Black Death in the time of the Middle Ages. When people encounter obstacles there is always a door.

John-Go-In-The-Wynd is a tall middleaged minstrel who earns his keep by playing music, Brother Luke is a monk who is open to help the public, and Robin (the main character) goes from a weak person both in education and strength to a boy who can read and can swim extremely well. Robin becomes ill and that leaves his legs crippled. He travels to hospice and is treated well by the monks who live there. The climax appears when the castle goes under siege. The resolution kicks in when his father rescues the castle and the people realize that a young courageous boy was the one who really saved the castle. Obstacles can make us stronger. 

This story teaches us a message of courage and hope. The writer’s style makes the plot and details clear. Because he became sick and learned to swim, when Robin swam across the moat the enemy let him by because they could not imagine a cripple would be a threatThe author, Marguerite De Angeli, tells the readers that there is always a door in the wall when there is difficulty.

Posted by: ADAM JONES

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