beaver-carbon-storage-537x405This is Officer Fauna in the woodlands of northern Canada. I’ve been seeing a lot of animals, including many water-dwellers that live in rivers and streams. I’ve spied a few deer, and I’m guessing there are many more deeper in the brush. Beavers are pretty common because I’ve seen at least five just this morning. I even saw a tree fall down due to a beaver gnawing so much of the trunk that it cracked and fell! And I’ve seen a beaver dam. As I looked closer, I could see that there was at least one entrance to the lodge. When I walked farther down the stream, I observed another engineering beaver building its dam. It used mud to help the sticks adhere to the dam. But when it saw me, it quickly slapped its tail in the water to warn all of the other beavers of danger, and it swam away so quickly that my observations were interrupted. As it disappeared beneath the water, I could see that it had a broad, flat tail, unlike other rodents. Seeing the cozy lodges of the beavers, I decided to rejoin my dad in our cozy little house in the woods. Maybe I’ll curl up by the fire and do some research on Tasmania. I can’t wait to learn about the fascinating marsupials that live there.


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