The Great Plains of Africa

cute-giraffe-wallpapersThis is Officer Fauna in the Great Plains of Africa with some intriguing facts about animals. I was out in my jeep late in the afternoon when I heard a big roar that I estimated was coming from about a mile away. So I decided to investigate and see what I might encounter. When I got close enough, I spotted some lions on the hunt for some zebra. The large-rumped zebras hadn’t noticed the lions yet, so they were still grazing on patches of sweet grass. Suddenly I saw the lions jump out from the bushes and attack. It was a long chase, but after a little while they caught one and started to enjoy their bloody feast. As the lions were eating, some hyenas came along and decided they wanted to have some, too. They attempted to join the feast, but the hungry lions didn’t want to share and turned their attention to getting the hyenas away. The lions had an advantage because their thick manes protected them from the hyenas’ jaws. The hyenas retreated, whimpering from their war wounds. After that I decided to go on and see what else I could observe. I found some trees with giraffes nearby. As I watched them eat, I noticed that they all had curious blue tongues! Their very tall necks, made of many more neck bones than humans have, helped them reach the leafy, yummy leaves at the tops of the trees. They didn’t even seem to mind some thorns on the trees. I would guess that their tongue and the skin in their mouths is much tougher than the outer skin. And I discovered that though they all had brown spots, the patterns were unique to each giraffe. Just then I received a text from my father in the woodlands of Canada, asking if I could come for a visit. That’s where you’ll hear from me next!


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