Alexander the Great


Hi…Time Traveler here. I’m about to go back in time when ALEXANDER THE GREAT was alive. He was from Macedonia and inherited the throne from his father, Phillip, in 336 BC.

Phillip wanted to conquer the whole known world but died before he could. Alexander followed in his footsteps. He conquered Greece, Egypt, India and the areas all around. Alexander was a great leader but pretty brutal at times. He had never lost a battle in his entire life.

He died while in a riverboat. Bugs bit him and he got sick and died.

We still use his strategies today. One of his strategies is his men form a box of spears so the enemy can’t see what they’re doing. Another is when they form a rank of shields so the enemy can’t get through.

See you later…or sooner? I don’t know what time I’ll be in, so I guess “bye” will work.


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