Ancient Egypt

62512227122004_mummy2Time Traveler here, I’m about to go back to 7500 BC to ancient Egypt. Egyptians were really hard to understand before we got the Rosetta Stone. Back in time where I am, I can see how they lived. The pyramids of Giza weren’t built because they hadn’t thought of building pyramids yet. Mummies were ancestors who passed away. They buried mummies using these steps.

  1. Take all the organs out except the heart and put them in jars.
  2. Fill the body with sawdust.
  3. Cover it with salt for 40 days.
  4. Wrap it.
  5. Cover the cloth with glue.

Egyptians thought that if you mummified your ancestors, their souls would go to the underworld. Egyptians are a very interesting people.


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