Imaginary Football: A Coral Reef Game

p013kyy0Welcome to todays imaginary football game! Today’s teams are the Sea Patriots and the Hula Turtles. The coaches are Mr. Biffle for the Sea Patriots and Sir Turtle for the Hula Turtles. Well, here come the fish (the fish are the audience). The football is made out of coral.  Today’s special stadium will be the coral reef.  Remember, don’t let the football touch the reef because you’ll lose it!  The seahorses (referees) are ready. The Sea Patriots are Mermen and the Hula Turtles are turtles, of course. Oh no! A shark swallowed the referee that was holding the football and the football is gone. We’ll have to make a new one. [Right after halftime…] It looks like the clams have opened up, letting out bubbles and it’s going to make it hard for the players to see. [After the bubbles have cleared…]  Well, it looks like that was a half an hour delay.  Let’s get the game going again! The Patriots will do a punt. [Half an hour later…] Well, it looks like that’s it folks.  The winners are the Hula Turtles! See you next time on imaginary football.


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