Killers of the Jungle

safari bengal tiger hiding

Officer Fauna here. Just took a trip to the thick woodlands of India. It was hot and humid. I’m glad to be posting this from the rocky, dry mountains of Utah. Hiking through the thick undergrowth of the Indian forest one morning, I heard a rustling in the brush. Turning around slowly, I could make out the shape of one of the world’s most dangerous predators, a Bengal tiger. Summoning my courage, I stared the tiger down. Sensing I was a more dangerous predator, it stood still, allowing me to get a close look at it. I’ll share some notes from my field journal on that astonishing day. Tigers are some of the strongest and most feared animals in the world. I heard stories from the local people of a tiger pulling a wild ox a long distance. Thirteen men together couldn’t even move that wild ox! Fortunately the tiger I encountered had already eaten something–a carcass of a deer was laying nearby. A cracking branch alerted the tiger to potential danger close by. Giving me one last stare, he turned and stalked away, with his feet making hardly a sound. My travels take me next to Antartica to see some other interesting creatures. Check back soon for a report.


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